How To Have A Great Gala Day!


As there is no organised parking specifically for Gala Day and the event is extremely popular, you might wish to walk to Castle Green, or go by bus.

If you're driving, please bear in mind there's no organised parking soecifically for Gala Day. Please park in local car parks or designated streets and remembert that emergency vehicals and residents may need access.

Please don't leave litter - bin it, or take it home.

Hopefully the sun will be out..! Remember to use sun screen.

Get young children to carry your phone number so someone can contact you if they get lost.

By law, alcohol must be consumed in regulated areas.

Help and information is available at the Strawberry Tent and the St Andrews Ambulance Association are on standby for First Aid.*Please leave dogs at home.

Thank you - and, happy Gala Day!