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Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week
Gala Week

Welcome once more to the Broughty Ferry Gala Week, starting Sunday 3rd July 2022. This
is sure to be a wonderful and fun flled week in Broughty Ferry. It all kicks off on Sunday the 3rd of July in
Castle Green with event running for the rest of the week.

I am sure you will agree, it’s great to have this amazing week in the Broughty Ferry’s Calendar back up and
running after such an awful 24 months. I wont dwell on the subject of Covid as I am sure we are all fed of
it by now. I would though like to focus on the future and what happiness we can all now share and enjoy. I
would like to say a big thank you in advance to everyone that attends any of the week’s events and hope
these bring you the joy and happiness they were intended to do.

As always, many thanks must go to all the 2022 sponsors. We appreciate that in these diffcult times, it is hard
for business to support these events so this thank you is an extra special one. An additional thank you
must go to Belhaven Brewery, who once again have supported Gala Week. They have been very
generous for many years. In addition to this, thank you also goes to the Sol Y Sombra and John
James Roofing Services for being the Gala Sunday sponsors. 

The more funds we collect, the more support and help we can give to local charities. All money raised at
these events and the events put on by the BFTA throughout the year, go towards the Christmas Street Light
Fittings, which are totally funded by the Broughty Ferry Traders and gifted to the people of Broughty Ferry. In
addition to this, funds annually got to local Coats for Kids, food vouchers and local food bank.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all the members, new and old, of the Broughty Ferry Traders
Association? Without them, these and other events would not be possible? I appreciate that the last 2
years have been very tough for all businesses which makes you membership and commitment to the BFTA
invaluable and so much more special. A big thank you also goes to the Dundee City Council for all their help
and advice. In addition, a very special thank you to all the Committee, helpers, organisers and volunteers who
spend many many hours of their own time making sure that these events are a successful, without them, this
would not be possible.

If you are a business in Broughty Ferry and would like to become a member or want more information,
please just email . We would love to welcome you onboard. We are also
in need of volunteers for all our events so if you have any spare time on your hands please get in touch.
Finally, have a fantastic 2022 summer; please come down to Broughty Ferry. All the events for the week are
listed throughout this brochure. We look forward to seeing you.

Gerry Stewart
Chairperson, Broughty Ferry Community Gala Committee.

Big thumbs up the all the kids who worked on this page as a project 

Kids Gala Project


Download you copy of the Gala 2022 book